hello and welcome to my blog, few of the things you will see are some of the stuff I like in life, like Boston Red Sox Baseball, Marvel and DC Comics, and Movies. I hope you enjoy the stay here.

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deadpool being dadpool

2014 Boston Red Sox- Bleeding Blue & Red Always.

mayeshaj said: ­čö▒

thank you

another thing I want to do is, said thank you to all you red sox fans, that have decided to follow me,like the post, reblog the post. I’ve done this season, yeah it wasn’t the greatest like the 2013 season, but it truly means a lot that so many of you decide to give me a follow, reblog or like the post this season.

there has been some memorable milstones, and terrible games for 2014, but I hope to see you all for the 2015 Red Sox Season.

Joe Kelly- Boston Red Sox- Pitcher

 September 27th, 2014

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